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Imran Behleem is a young energetic Music Director/ Pianist/ Composer/ Singer/ Lyricist/ Writer/ Producer and Director.

He has done several projects on music and drama theatres for youth and children. He is the founder of IBMC (Imran Behleem Music Club) and Director for Children’s Peace Choir to spread the message of Peace. He started music in 1980 by learning music from his father Mr.Mumtaz Ahmed Behleem and started performing as a child artist/ singer since early childhood and made several performances in Pakistan and India. His eagerness for learning music and passion for art was growing with his age, In 1985 he joined Mr. Sohail Rana ( a famous well know music Director of Pakistan) And performed in T.V program SUNG SUNG CHALEIN (from 1985 to 1987).

He represented Pakistan as a “Young Ambassador of goodwill and peace” to United Arab Emirites and United Statesof America.

He also made several performances at President House Islamabad on Independence Day program ceremony from 1985 to 1988.

Imran Behleem was also awarded a Gold Medal by president of Pakistan.

In 1990 he moved to USA and made several performances with his Band “Avengers” across USA.

Since 1998 Imran Behleem is working as a Music/ Theater event organiser. He has written, directed and produced several Concerts and Drama festivals for children and youth.

Children’s Peace Choir is Imran Behleems project for Global Peace. His writtten and composed songs are performed by Children’s Peace Choir.

Imran Behleem aka Mohammad Imran Behleem is an exceptionally brilliant composer, singer, songwriter, musician and audio producer having deep knowledge of Eastern and Western Music and fusions.

Awarded Gold Medal from President of Pakistan, Gen. Mohammad Zia ul Haq , on 14th August 1985 for his performance. Also awarded title of, Young Ambassador of Peace and Goodwill from Sohail Rana Music Club International,1985


Performed at various stage shows in Karachi , Pakistan as a child singer in 1981-1983.
Performed at Hotel Motee Mehal (India) in 1983.
Performed at New Year Show at Maratha Mandir Hall (India) in 1984.

Awarded Gold Medal from President of Pakistan Gen. Mohammad Ziaul Haq.


Performed in weekly Pakistan TV program “Sung Sung Chalien” from 1985 till 1987 as a singer. Conducted by Mr Sohail Rana.


Performed at Presidency, Islamabad at 14th August Ceremony 1985.

Performed at President House, Islamabad at 14th August Ceremony 1986 for President.

Performed at Parliament house at “14th August Ceremony 1987”.

Performed at President House at “14th August Ceremony 1988”.


Performed at 14th August Independence Day Ceremony Parade in New York.

Performed in Independence Day Celebrations at Monument Park Washington D.C

Performed in Elks 878 Hall in New York.



Performed in a Band “AVENGERS” and made several performances across North America in 1992-1993.


Produced, Written and Directed Several Dramas in English and Urdu for Children and youth from 1998 till present.


Time : Album released, October 2009 by StarLight Harmony Music Inc. Usa

Produced several jingles and background music for different TV channels from 1999 till 2006.

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